Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is Mother's Milk Vegan?

If Humans are considered mammals, how can a Vegan really give their newborn mother’s milk and still be a true Vegan? Ok, a question with a question is not going any ware. Vegan Mothers consider their milk pure and do not subject it to fish, meat or any other form of animal. So they are off the hook in that arena. Vegans do not support bees wax, pearls, natural silk fabric, lanolin or leather . This does not stop the slaughter of animals for food and by products and leather goods, taking the wax away from the bees , pinching the pearls from oysters, and breeding silk worms and making them slaves for producing silk. Vegans set an example of what is possible to protect all life. It is interesting how it comes full circle with the milk they give their babies.

Written by the Cosmetic Chief “Lip Diva®” Rose Nichols, President & CEO of