Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Celeb Inspired Fall Lip Colors

November is one of our favorite months because of family time, knits and cozying up. 
Why do you love fall? 

The fall lip color trends tend to take cues from the warmth in our hearts and in a cup of latte (think deep & sultry and soft chai).

With over 60 lip colors, Lip Ink lip stains are perfect for treating yourself or gifting to a friend this holiday season. In case you're new to Lip Ink, all of our vegan cosmetics are also organic makeup, kosher, gluten free, wax free & 100% smear proof.  

Here's a guide for our fall picks & the beauties that inspire us!

Soft & Sweet Lip Color Trend 
Our Lip Ink lip stain in 'acturian pink' is the perfect color match for Drew Barrymore's soft pink makeup look that's so classic hollywood noir. 
Pop of Color Tangerine Lip Color Trend
Our Lip Ink lip stain in 'rust' is the perfect color match to Lupita Nyongo's metallic orange pop of color. 

Bold & Delicious Lip Color Trend 
Lip Ink's lip stain in 'wineberry' is the perfect color match to Rashida Jones' merlot stained lips. 

Deep Red Love Lip Color Trend 
Lip Ink's lip stain in 'cognac' is the perfect color match to Taylor Swift's classic red lip for fall. 

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Want a darker or lighter shade?
Add more layers (but keep the layers thin) to darken and blot the tip of your applicator on a tissue or dark cloth to lighten the botanical pigment of your color application.
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The LIP-INK® Products may tingle, this reaction is normal. The sensation is due to the natural herbs and botanicals. The LIP-INK® wax free, guaranteed smearproof & long-lasting, multi-patented color product line is not compatible with any other cosmetic products. LIP-INK® Color Cosmetics are based on scientific research and are protected by U.S. and International patents. Competitive products cannot legally duplicate LIP-INK® Color Cosmetics and their precise chemistry.

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