Thursday, October 25, 2018

Color: Q&A with Lip Ink®

You’ve test-driven Lip Ink®’s 100% Smear Proof Liquid Lip Colors, but it came out way too dark. What now?

Our Lip Ink® Associate, Ale, took to Instagram to answer your pressing question about our smear proof Lip Ink® liquid lip color lipstick line. Find the answer here!

A common question we get at Lip Ink is “What do I do if the color I ordered came out way too dark?” And we’re here to help you.
What to know:
Lip Ink’s 100% smear proof liquid lip color is unlike any other on the market. It is an amazing addition to your lifestyle, acting with the staying power of ink without the ink. If you’ve purchased from us, you should already know we sell to first-time buyers in the form of a three-product kit.
While we provide swatches online for each color, the result you come out with may not be what you were expecting. Here is our 10-Color Groups chart where you can find the intensity of each color. The less sheer the more true to color it is, and the more subtle it is, the more your lip color will shine through.
A quick solution:
Take control; Don’t let the color control you.
When it comes to using our 100% Smear Proof Liquid Lip Colors, less will always be better. You can:
·         Wipe off excess product against the rim of the tube
·         Use a towelette or cotton pad to further remove excess product
*Note: Always use our Vegan Shine Moisturizer under the color application prior to layering colors.
If you are satisfied with the color after using less and don’t want to add any more layers, add our Smear Proof Liquid Lip Color in Clear to lock in the layer of color. And you are set for the day!

The Color Solution:
Create something new.
With over 72 smear proof shades, Lip Ink gives you limitless opportunities to mix and match for your very own personalized lip tint. Because we are based on color theory, we’ve added colors that tone down, warm up or earthen up any lip color when layered. Here is how we use our favs:
·         Venusian Flesh: With hints of opaque white, this color looks great when layered under and/or over a bright or intense color.
·         Mocha: A sheer faint brown color with muting effects, this color can be worn alone or tone other colors down when used over bright or intense colors.
·         Maplewood: Unlike the previous two colors, this sheer color has yellow and orange hues that can add a hint of yellow orange to tone down loud colors.
·         Pleiadian Blue: With the versatility of this shade, you can deepen any blue-based pink color or create a muted orange by wearing this color over or under it. As a bonus, this makes for a great eye shadow base.
·         Reptilian Green: With a sheer green tint, this color transforms any color to create an earth tone effect when worn under and/or over. This always makes for a great eye shadow base.
·         Lemon Toner: Yellow, the opposite of purple, will mute down colors. When mixed with red, can change the appearance as a red-orange. This is fun to use under colors to create something that can radically transform your original color.
Masking the Color:
Hack your Lip Ink color.
By now, you know it is hard to create a color lighter than your own with Lip Ink so how do you get the desired color to shine through? This is where our Brilliant Magic Powder patented formula comes in. Touted to be used on the eyes, lips, or face, our Magic Powders are great in between layers of liquid lip colors.
A great example of how we use our magic powders can be found on Youtube.
Here’s how:
·         Prepare the lips as stated in the directions.
·         Use your Smear proof Liquid Lip Color and quickly apply the Magic Powder with your fingers to add a pearlescent effect and to mask your lips. Adding a color lighter will brighten any Liquid Lip Color you use above it.
*Note: You will need to seal the Brilliant Magic Powder with any Smear Proof Liquid Lip Color. We recommend one layer under and two over.

At Lip Ink, we understand that color results will vary from person to person. We do our best to inform you all about the various ways to achieve your desired lip color products. The best way to gauge whether the color you choose will be what you want, always check our 10 color groups. Then, we recommend controlling the product. If that doesn’t work we always recommend supplementing with other products to mix colors and textures. We love giving our customers the room to be creative and take control over their lip color, however that fits into their lifestyle.
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