Friday, September 20, 2019

Lip-Ink® ShimmerGel LipGel Lip Stick™
Available in 7 natural glitter luscious colors: Diamond, Gold, Amber, Red, Violet, Blue & Green. Add sparkle, sheen, and superior elegance to your favorite lip colors. They are applied slightly different. 
You can also wear it alone, or frame with a Lip-Ink® Lip Liner™. 
Can be used over and under all Lip-Ink® LipGel™ Lip Sticks or Lip-Ink® Classic Liquid Colors or directly to clean bare lips to add a luminance to your lips or to highlight. Express yourself magically! 
Each of the Lip-Ink® ShimmerGel™ LipStick colors can also be used to highlight and enhance your cheeks, brows and eyelids.
With LipFlex™ Technology! Dab pure magic on your lips using the all new LIP INK® ShimmerGels™ with LipFlex™ Technology. 
The new Gel format makes it simple to add sparkle, sheen, and superior elegance to your favorite lip colors. 
Wax free and guaranteed smearproof
Here's our new Cali Cool Tan Lip Kit from our previous post.
The top image has both products combined
Bottom left image has the smearproof color only.

Bottom right image has the moisturizer only with glitter.

Matching set - Get some Cool California sunshine, no matter where you live with our newest smear proof duo lip color set, celebrating the end of summer, as we move into Autumn. Experience the look of cool California sunshine with our LIP INK® Limited Edition kit while they last! Only $45 plus free domestic shipping!

CALI COOL TAN - Lip Ink® Liquid Smear proof lip color brings you a soft golden butterscotch warm look that you can take past summer into Autumn.

CALI COOL TAN - Lip Ink® Lip Shine Moisturizer, enters a new world with a pinch of cinnamon flavor and a slight plump to the lips with our warmest golden highlights in a soft butterscotch pudding color that will satisfy even the most skeptic, when it comes to wearing lip moisturizer on the lips.

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