Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Skirt Length Theory...

When it comes to the length of dresses, skirts, pants, for women, it all depends on how comfortable women feel about the economy. This is called the Skirt Length Theory.

It goes back over 100 years. Women don’t hide how they feel about the state of financial affairs, they don’t wait for a white house advisor to give them the signal, they play it by ear and use their intuitive sense. The more of their legs they want to show the better they feel about the economy When the times are good the hemlines go up and when they are sluggish you will not see women’s bearing their legs. The logic behind this indicator dictates that a positive economy leads to a happy nation and an atmosphere of fun. Fun times send hemlines rising, making micro minis great for the markets, while conservative floor-length dresses are bad news. Women’s legs covered up in leggings and tights counts for coverage too! Unfortunately that is what is showing up this season.

Jumpsuits, rompers, bodysuits, leather, animal prints, tights, leggings, boots, sweaters, jackets are making a big comeback and it looks like black shoes are frugal and make style sense!

We can still show off our arms, so it is time to get them back into shape Rose Nichols, Inventor, Alchemist, Pioneer President and CEO of LIP-INK® INTERNATIONAL.