Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Ultimate Lip Ink Guide to a Guaranteed 100% Smear Proof Look

At Lip Ink, our customers are valued members of our company. So whenever we are met with feedback regarding the difficulty in finding information and resources, we sincerely listen and look to change the buying experience. So in the meantime while we fix issues with our web pages, here are resources you may need. Whether you're a new customer looking for a way to pick a shade, or a loyal customer for over 20 years, we appreciate you and hope this helps you.

Choosing a Lip Color: 

Ready to choose a color in less than 4 minutes? Our 10 Color Groups guide will help you choose your next best color based on your preferred shades/tones/opacity. The color group table is divided into 10 different groups: pinks, oranges, reds, browns, naturals, plums, mauves, corals, terra cottas and berry hues. 

Just choose your favorite color category and choose between the four different subcategories: subtle, medium, bright and intense. The first two are natural and build-able while the latter provide more intense and bright results - just as they are labelled.

This process is designed to narrow down your search to two to three ideal shades for you.

You've Found a Shade but Don't Know if it Suits You:

Now comes the hard part: finding if the color is represented accurately online. We advise our customers to check out all of our swatch resources to find the perfect match.

It is noteworthy to take into consideration your own lip color. Every lip color will ADD to your own lip color, not MASK.

Here are some resources that show models wearing a majority of the colors.

3 Product System:

You're used to grabbing one color from a cosmetic company it being the end of it. Lip Ink is different. We sell to first time customers in the form of a kit to provide the guaranteed smear proof technology.

Our Youtube video "LIP INK Liquid Lipstick Technology & Application" will help you master the art of applying Lip Ink

Online Reviews:


We get it, this is a lot to digest. Lip Ink is dedicated to delivering only the highest quality smear proof products. Once you've familiarized yourself with our innovative products, and seen just how Lip Ink can fit your lifestyle, the opportunities become endless.To get yours today, visit our website www.lipink.com.

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