Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lip Ink® Cosmetic Color and Weddings

Let Lip Ink® Guaranteed Smear proof color cosmetics enhance your 'naturalness'

Planning your wedding! Quite clearly Our Guaranteed Smear proof lip color is absolutely made for Weddings where everyone is always kissing everyone else - Lip Ink® lip color along with, brow, eye, face and lash color is almost compulsory wear for that day, if no other! All the other long lasting cosmetic color products on the market are only long lasting. We are the only one in the world that is Guaranteed smear proof, award winning , organic, vegan, kosher, botanical, natural and wax free with multiple international patents.

The bride (and bridesmaids) wants to look her absolutely 'natural' best and we know all the right colors to achieve that natural fresh look. Then mothers of the Bride and Groom have bought great outfits and need to have the appropriate colors to go with these - not forgetting those wonderful hats!

Our most popular colors work for every skin tone and enhance your own natural color - obviously if you are wearing white it is even more important to have the right color on your lips to look your best in photographs. Spend some time on our

Color library page and pick your favorite colors,

because the last thing any Bride or Mother of the Bride should be doing, is be wearing their

lip Ink® colors for the first time on the Big Day - you need time to perfect the application technique and feel perfectly comfortable - not achieved at the last minute!

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