Thursday, April 7, 2016

LIP-INK® Flavored Lip Shine Moisturizer Amaretto is a silver & golden vale of lace and sheen on your lips for daytime or special occasion imbued with the flavors of Amaretto + Chocolate Mint. To enhance the natural beauty of your lips and give them a glassy silver golden sheen. May also be used as a base conditioner when applied under Lip Ink Professional Series liquid Lip Color, or as a gloss moisturizer when applied over any Lip Color. LIP INK International, self manufactures in the U.S.A the world's only guaranteed smear-proof semi-permanent color cosmetics. Every product is made with natural, organic, vegan, kosher, and botanical ingredients. LIP INK's patented wax-free lip color kit allows you to apply lip gloss shine moisturizer before the lipstain giving you a tingly fresh, maximum hydration, sun protected, guaranteed smear-proof lip color.