Thursday, April 21, 2016

LIP-INK® Brilliant Magic Powder is truly magical. To the eye, they appear off-white, but when gently brushed over LIP INK® Blush or Bronzing Gels and LIP INK® Eye Gels, or between layers of LIP INK® Lip Color or LIP INK® Lip color in Clear, they magically bond to the finish, creating an iridescent veil of highlights. LIP-INK® Brilliant Magic Powder mineral powders are ground to an extremely fine micro particle size, to be used synergistically with other LIP-INK® color products utilizing our patented layering process by layering our powders in between layers of guaranteed Smearproof color or LIP-INK® Clear. LIP-INK® is completely free of preservatives, all natural, organic, and kosher and cruelty free.