Friday, May 6, 2016

LIP INK® Miracle Brow® Tint
- Made in USA with natural, vegan, organic, & kosher botanical ingredients
- Waxless formula free of artificial preservatives
- 100% smearproof, waterproof and ultra-durable
- Can be layered with other LIP INK®colors and products giving you dozens of new colors and shades to try
- The same internationally patented formula used in LIP INK®'s award winning natural lipstain
LIP INK® Semi-Permanent Cosmetics - LIP INK® Miracle Brow Tint® comes in 6 incredibly long-lasting (wear it to bed!) colors. Covers gray hair and darkens brows. May be worn in combination with LIP INK® Brow Liners. You can wear it in your hair as well to streak or give it full color coverage. Covers gray or darkens men's beard and mustache hairs very effectively (for beards and mustaches, we recommend using two shades, as men's facial hair usually has more than one solid color tone). Goes great with OFF Foam- to take color off at the end of the day.