Thursday, July 30, 2009

Empowering New Beauty Product: Your Lips Best Friend Forever

Women of dark complexion, like Sandra Ross on the top and actress/model Monique Richard on the bottom, who have a natural top and bottom lip color imbalance, are celebrating a fabulous beauty victory in their favor. Both have recently discovered the most amazing and empowering lip beauty product, Lip-Ink ®. Guaranteed smear-proof, Organic, Vegan and Kosher, this botanical liquid lip color is quickly becoming every woman’s BFF. Women who also have lip discoloration caused from chapped or peeling lips, usually due to sun and smoking, are discovering too how Lip-Ink® is the best solution for creating even and long-lasting lip color.

“I didn’t think it was possible to even-out my lips, ever!”- Sandra Ross.

Both she and Monique love the patented different approach of Lip-Ink®, and its easy application. Beginning by cleaning their lips with the special solution called Off, they then splashed with water and patted their lips dry. Next they applied Lip-Ink’s® colorless lip moisturizer, which gave their lip surface a silky smooth feel. The third step was to find a Lip-Ink® lip color – Lip-Ink ® offers dozens of luscious shades -- that matched their skin tone. Both chose Unisex, a rich deep raisin color, then applied a single layer.
Because Lip-Ink® is a sheer botanical liquid, as light as water; it can be layered up to three times on the lip’s surface. The layering application and technique allows the creation of the desired depth in color. For lips like Sandra’s and Monique’s which need color balancing, both were then told to apply the loose mineral powder – Lip-Ink’s® Magic Powder – over the entire area that they wanted lip color to show-up in, which included the inner area or “ the wet part of the lip.” Note: Lip Ink’s® Magic Powders are ground to an extremely fine particle size that can’t be felt, all though when applied, Monique commented that: “my lips looked like they just kissed a chalkboard!” Both women then applied another layer of Unisex and then finished the process with the perfect shade of Cherry.

For the first time Sandra and Monique saw their lips in the perfect shade they loved. And both lips matched! Even better is that the lip color they applied is guaranteed smear-proof 24-7. That means they can eat a meal and even wear the lip color to bed without worrying that the color is going to come off or fade.

Both women have beautiful smiles that they’re now comfortable showing off. If they had used a traditional waxy lipstick that’s unable to saturate color in the wet area of the lips, the color would have stopped and a large patch of uneven pink in the center of the bottom lip would have been noticeable. But because Lip-Ink® was designed with complete coverage properties, no uneven discoloration is visible.

“Lip-Ink has changed my life,” the both agreed, adding that they want to share their exciting new lip beauty discovery and let other women know they can have the lips they’ve always wanted.

“We’ve been subjected to the “Lipstick Paradigm” for over 60 years with little improvement. Not a lot of thought has been put into keeping lipstick an ECO and sustainable or even providing solutions but this product does.

There is a solution. It’s been around for 15 years and just waiting to be discovered by you. A Totally Unique Healthy Answer, with:

There is a solution. It’s been around for 15 years and just waiting to be discovered by you. A Totally Unique Healthy Answer, with:

Natural Flavored 190 Proof Corn Grain Alcohol From the Heartland of America
Sun Screens (UVA/UVB)
Botanicals (Certified Organic)
Minerals (13 Trace Minerals)
Vitamins (Pharmaceutical Grade)
Film Formers/ the Same used in Pill and Candy Coatings (All Natural)
More Vibrant Colors with 90% Less Pigment (FDA approved)
De-ionized water
Organic Live Ingredients
Most Important of All -- Guaranteed Smear-Proof

No Animal Products or Animal By Products
No Petroleum Products
No Lacquers
No Waxes
No Added Preservatives
No Glycols
No Parabens
No Urea
No Lead No Aluminum Never-Cooked
No Peanuts or Peanut By Products

See what was brought back from the future for your healthy conscious lifestyle and enjoy the empowering benefits it creates. Change your life in a nanosecond with our liquid botanical color solution that replaces lipstick for Lips, Brows, Eyes, Face and Lashes -- Lip-Ink ®. Color, the way Nature intended.

Written by the Cosmetic Chief “Lip Diva®” Rose Nichols, President & CEO of

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