Monday, April 25, 2016

Did you know a woman may ingest more than four pounds of lipstick in her lifetime? 

A woman may ingest more than four pounds of lipstick in her lifetime - even more if she wears it every day. Mainstream lipsticks are composed of synthetic oils, petroleum waxes and artificial colours. Coal tar dye colours are common allergens and also carcinogenic. Lipsticks also contain amyldimethylamino benzoic acid, ricinoleic acid, fragrance, ester gums and lanolin. Some dyes can cause photosensitivity and dermatitis.
Four to nine pounds of lipstick in a lifetime. According to a report in Glamour magazine, the average woman consumes four to nine pounds of lipstick in her lifetime.

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PETA approved and part of Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

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