Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Smearproof & Waterproof Tattoo, Bruise & Scar Cover-up

Cover up a tattoo, bruise or scar instantly with LIP INK® Semi-Permanent ® Instant Cover Up that is safe to wear 24/7 and is guaranteed smear-proof. LIP INK® Off Solution cleanses the skin allowing the natural mineral powders to veil any tattoo, bruises, or scars by camouflaging it to match your skin tone while the LIP INK® Liquid Lipstick in Clear acts as a perfect sealer by encapsulating the mineral powders, making it smear-proof, long lasting, and waterproof, ensuring that it doesn't smudge. The product can and should be layered at least three times until the blemish and the surface area is fully blended. Go swimming or jogging, rub or scratch, the blemishes will not resurface.
Note: Requires your own Makeup Brush & Loose Natural Mineral Powder that matches your skin tone


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