Friday, October 12, 2018

How to get a 100% smear proof look

Lipstick lovers around the world have one common complaint - it doesn't actually stay on. Long-wearing and durable just aren't enough for the busy man or woman looking to enhance their look for a long period of time. To live through activities like eating, drinking, dancing and more, is close to impossible if Lip Ink wasn't around.

Here are the steps to get a smear proof look with Lip Ink:

  1. Begin by purifying the lips with OFF Solution. This cleanses your lips, creates a smooth surface for application, and helps with the exfoliation process.
  2. Splash with water and pat dry.
  3. If you usually line your lips, frame the lips with the LIP INK® Liner. Any of the LIP INK® Colors can become an instant lip liner with the use of a lip liner brush to be reused as needed.
  4. Massage a small amount of Shine Moisturizer into the lips until thoroughly absorbed. 
  5. Take a tissue or dark cloth and wipe the color applicator tip to control the amount of color you want. This gives you the ability to control the shade of color desired. 
  6. You are now ready to begin the colorization process, to create over one million guaranteed smearproof colors, by layering to suit your natural healthy lifestyle. Use ASESIOD (A Smooth Even Stroke In One Direction). This insures that your color goes on even Up to three layers. FEEL THE TINGLE This is the herbs, mints and botanicals. 
  7. Finish with a layer of Lip Shine Moisturizer if desired. 

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