Friday, October 12, 2018

How-to Pick the Perfect Lip Ink Smear Proof Liquid Lip Color

Staring at the expansive variety of colors cosmetic companies offer can be, well, exhausting. You want to try something new, but you're not sure if it will compliment your skin tone. If you've ever tried Lip Ink, you'll know that the colors are an additive to your own lip pigment, making it seem even harder to choose a new favorite taking your own lip color into consideration.

Whether you're looking to find an alternative to your current fav or looking to try something bold, we've got the perfect color for you. And here is how I will make it simple for you!

Our colors are designed based on the knowledge of the color wheel. We are building this guide in order to help you chose your new go-to color, wherever it may fit in your lifestyle.

For our fair-skinned babes: 
  • Nudes/Corals should be the foundation for any everyday or subtle appearance. 
  • Our Top Picks
    • Coral: A true classic pink with a blend of pink and orange.
    • Mango: A light pink orange with a touch of yellow.
    • Nude: A pink-based hue with a touch of orange.
  • Bold reds are the perfect accessory to a striking and vivid look. Whether for a night out, or for a day-time glam, cool-toned reds are best.
  • Our Top Picks:
    • Strawberry: Cherry-based color with a red coat. Applies very bold.
    • Red: Red with a pink base.
    • Lava Red: A true red.
    • Sky Red: A blue-based red.
For our pink under-toned babes:
  • You are more of a natural - you don't need much to spice up your look. Any natural-based tone will look amazing on you. Pinks, corals and orange-reds will give you a glammed-up appearance. Keep this in mind when you're dressing up.
  • Our Top Picks:
    • Mocha: One of our lightest browns that can be worn alone or over and under any of our other lip colors.
  • Ultra Natural: A perfect brown with a build-able tint.
  • Redwood: A sheer brown/pink.
  • Peach: Pink base with a hint of mango.
  • Henna Red: A clay-brick orange red with added highlights of  silver glitter and a clove scent.
Olive-toned babes:
  • You will look great in any color but blue-reds especially.
  • Our Top Picks:
  • Energy Red: This color has a base color brown, blue, pink, orange & yellow. A strong vibrant red, representing the passion and power of the Goddess.
  • Sky Red: Blue-based red.
Yellow under-toned babes:
  • Nudes and Bronze tones will make any yellow-toned skin POP. 
  • Our Top Picks:
  • Redwood: A sheer brown-pink.
  • Sagewood: A light and sheer tea color.
  • Rust: A warm orange/rust-color
  • BONUS: Add a Brilliant Magic Powder to bronze up any of these colors!
Deep-skinned babes:
  • Deep skinned-babes will always look amazing wearing a vibrant color or a simple nude.
  • Our Top Picks:
    • Raisin: Plum base with a hint of fuchsia.
    • Hot Pink: The brightest pink we have no orange or brown or blue just pink, as classics go, this is a classic hot pink.
    • Coral: A true classic with half pink and half orange.
    • Unisex Toner: Creates an earth tone to any color or worn alone it is a blue base brown. Sheer.
    • Cocoa: Brown base with a hint of pink.
    • Blue Black: This color has blue mica glitter in it with a gray black.
The quest to find a lip color is one that you shouldn't need to do on your own - especially at Lip Ink. If you are in the Los Angeles, visit our stores. If you aren't, give us a call at (310) 414-9246.


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